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you can watch me disappear

into my own complex world

15 December 1983
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my name is Teresa & i am 29 wonderful years old. right now my heart belongs to him, my dad. i love christina aguilera! i change my mind a million times a second. my favorite color is PINK. shopping is truly the cure to everything! i'm very outgoing, if i'm into what i'm doing. i am pissed off easily, almost to easily. i have an addictive personality. i love making people laugh. i can be hesitant on trying new things..but usually end up happy that i did. i love all 4 seasons because they each have something different to offer! i basically listen to every type of music. i love meeting new people. i am very random. i get sick of doing the same things over & over. in time i can forgive someone..but i can never forget the way they made me feel. i can sit around all day & do nothing and not get bored. i love when it storms at night & i'm sleeping. love, me!